TMSNotificationInfo Enumeration

Indicates the reason of the notification.




TMSNotificationInfo = (niAlter, niDelete, niDrop, niError, niInsert, niInvalid, niIsolation, niOptions, niPreviousFire, niQuery, niResource, niRestart, niTemplateLimit, niTruncate, niUnknown, niUpdate);


Value Meaning
niAlter One or more underlying server objects were modified.
niDelete Data in one or more tables referenced in the underlying query was deleted by a DELETE statement.
niDrop One or more underlying objects were dropped.
niError An internal error occurred in SQL Server.
niInsert Data in one or more tables referenced in the underlying query was changed by an INSERT statement.
niInvalid A provided statement does not support notifications (INSERT, UPDATE, etc. statement). See this MSDN topic for the detailed information about supported statements.
niIsolation The isolation mode is not valid for query notifications (for example, Snapshot).
niOptions The connection options were not provided correctly.
niPreviousFire A previous statement has caused query notifications to fire under the current transaction.
niQuery A SELECT statement that does not correspond to restrictions was provided.
niResource The notification subscription was removed as there may be not enough server resources.
niRestart SQL Server was restarted.
niTemplateLimit One or more tables used in a query reached the maximum number of allowed templates.
niTruncate One or more tables used in the underlying query were truncated.
niUnknown An option sent by the server was not recognized.
niUpdate Data in one or more underlying tables was changed by an UPDATE statement.

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