TCustomMSStoredProc.UpdatingTable Property

Specifies which table in a query is assumed to be the target for subsequent data-modification queries as a result of user incentive to insert, update or delete records.




property UpdatingTable: string;


Ose the UpdatingTable property on Insert, Update, Delete, or RefreshRecord (see also TCustomMSDataSet.Options) if appropriate SQL (SQLInsert, SQLUpdate or SQLDelete) is not provided.

If UpdatingTable is not set then the first table used in query is assumed to be the target.

If a query is addressed to the View then entire View is taken as a target for subsequent modifications.

All fields from other than target table have their ReadOnly properties set to True (if TCustomMSDataSet.Options is True).

With TCustomMSDataSet.CursorType UpdatingTable can be used only if TCustomMSDataSet.Options = False.

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