TCustomMSDataSet.FetchAll Property

Used to decrease the time of retrieving additional records to the client side when calling TMemDataSet.Locate and TMemDataSet.LocateEx for the first time.




property FetchAll: boolean default True;


When the FetchAll property is False, the first call to the TMemDataSet.Locate and TMemDataSet.LocateEx methods may take a lot of time to retrieve additional records to the client side. The default value is True.

Since SDAC 4.20, changing the value of the FetchAll option to True for a dataset open in the FetchAll=False mode will not lead to closing this dataset. This fill forces all records to be fetched to the client.

Note: When setting TCustomMSDataSet.FetchAll = False you should keep in mind that execution of such queries blocks the current session. In order to avoid blocking OLE DB creates additional session that causes the following problems:

Important: If there is more than one dataset attached to TMSConnection, setting FetchAll = False even in one of them may lead to the problems described above.

To prevent the TMSConnection object from creating additional connections for datasets that work in the FetchAll=False mode, you should enable the TMSConnectionOptions.MultipleActiveResultSets option. This option is supported since SQL Server 2005 with using SQL Native Client as OLE DB provider.

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