TDAMetaData.MetaDataKind Property

Used to specify which kind of metainformation to show.




property MetaDataKind: string;


This string property specifies which kind of metainformation to show. The value of this property should be assigned before activating the component. If MetaDataKind equals to an empty string (the default value), the full value list that this property accepts will be shown.

They are described in the table below:

MetaDataKind Description
Columns show metainformation about columns of existing tables
Constraints show metainformation about the constraints defined in the database
IndexColumns show metainformation about indexed columns
Indexes show metainformation about indexes in a database
MetaDataKinds show the acceptable values of this property. You will get the same result if the MetadataKind property is an empty string
ProcedureParameters show metainformation about parameters of existing procedures
Procedures show metainformation about existing procedures
Restrictions generates a dataset that describes which restrictions are applicable to each MetaDataKind
Tables show metainformation about existing tables
Databases show metainformation about existing databases

If you provide a value that equals neither of the values described in the table, an error will be raised.

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