TCustomVirtualDataSet Members

TCustomVirtualDataSet class overview.


Name Description

CachedUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to enable or disable the use of cached updates for a dataset.

IndexFieldNames (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to get or set the list of fields on which the recordset is sorted.

KeyExclusive (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Specifies the upper and lower boundaries for a range.

LocalConstraints (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to avoid setting the Required property of a TField component for NOT NULL fields at the time of opening TMemDataSet.

LocalUpdate (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to prevent implicit update of rows on database server.

Prepared (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Determines whether a query is prepared for execution or not.

Ranged (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Indicates whether a range is applied to a dataset.

UpdateRecordTypes (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to indicate the update status for the current record when cached updates are enabled.

UpdatesPending (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Used to check the status of the cached updates buffer.


Name Description

ApplyRange (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Applies a range to the dataset.

ApplyUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Overloaded. Writes dataset's pending cached updates to a database.

CancelRange (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Removes any ranges currently in effect for a dataset.

CancelUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Clears all pending cached updates from cache and restores dataset in its prior state.

CommitUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Clears the cached updates buffer.

DeferredPost (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Makes permanent changes to the database server.

EditRangeEnd (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Enables changing the ending value for an existing range.

EditRangeStart (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Enables changing the starting value for an existing range.

GetBlob (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Overloaded. Retrieves TBlob object for a field or current record when only its name or the field itself is known.

Locate (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Overloaded. Searches a dataset for a specific record and positions the cursor on it.

LocateEx (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Overloaded. Excludes features that don't need to be included to the TMemDataSet.Locate method of TDataSet.

Prepare (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Allocates resources and creates field components for a dataset.

RestoreUpdates (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Marks all records in the cache of updates as unapplied.

RevertRecord (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Cancels changes made to the current record when cached updates are enabled.

SaveToXML (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Overloaded. Saves the current dataset data to a file or a stream in the XML format compatible with ADO format.

SetRange (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Sets the starting and ending values of a range, and applies it.

SetRangeEnd (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Indicates that subsequent assignments to field values specify the end of the range of rows to include in the dataset.

SetRangeStart (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Indicates that subsequent assignments to field values specify the start of the range of rows to include in the dataset.

UnPrepare (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Frees the resources allocated for a previously prepared query on the server and client sides.

UpdateResult (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Reads the status of the latest call to the ApplyUpdates method while cached updates are enabled.

UpdateStatus (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Indicates the current update status for the dataset when cached updates are enabled.


Name Description

OnUpdateError (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Occurs when an exception is generated while cached updates are applied to a database.

OnUpdateRecord (inherited from TMemDataSet)

Occurs when a single update component can not handle the updates.
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