Write SQL statements

Schema Compare allows writing and executing SQL statements.

To create a new SQL query, click New SQL in the menu ribbon.

New SQL query

The SQL editor will be displayed.

SQL editor

Every SQL document contains the Text view with a built-in SQL editor. You can switch to this view to edit your SQL queries.

When you type text in SQL editor, it automatically recognizes and highlights SQL syntax. Besides, the editor provides auto-completion and formatting functionality.

When you start typing a query in the SQL editor, it provides the most relevant suggestions for the given context and displays them in the form of the list. You can select and apply an appropriate suggestion.


For ease of SQL writing and reviewing, you can also use such supported shortcut keys as: CTRL+PLUS (+) KEY (to zoom the query in), CTRL+MINUS (-) KEY (to zoom the query out), and CTRL+0 (to return an SQL document to the one-to-one scale).

You can write and execute SQL queries not only one at a time, but you may compose SQL scripts as well. SQL scripts consist of multiple SQL statements separated by an appropriate statement delimiter.