Scheduling database synchronization

You can schedule or automate a comparison or synchronization with the help of Schema Compare and an available task scheduler tool.

First, you need to create a script for comparing or synchronizing the databases.

Creating a script via Schema Compare

1. Set the source and target databases and configure the options of comparison.

2. Run the comparison process.

3. In the Schema Synchronization Wizard, set the necessary options, and click the Save Command Line button.

Save Command Line button

4. In the Command line execution file settings window, check and configure if necessary the settings to manage *.bat file text.

Command line settings

5. Click Save to save the script as a *.bat file.

Scheduling the script execution

To schedule a synchronization of the two databases and updating the database db_production, you can use a Windows Task Scheduler or any other task scheduler tool available.

In fact, you just need to set the required time or schedule the *.bat file execution using the convenient tool.

To create Windows task:

1. Run Windows Task Scheduler.

2. In the Actions menu, select Create Basic Task.

3. Type a name for the task and an optional description, and then click Next.

4. Select a trigger for the task and click Next.

5. On the Action tab, click Start a program.

6. Click Browse to enter a path to the *.bat file you saved earlier.

7. Click Next.

8. Check Summary for the task to be created.

9. Click Finish.