Including dependent objects

It is important for developers and DBAs to be able to determine the interdependencies of database objects when synchronizing databases. The Schema Compare tool allows viewing the dependencies and including dependent objects into synchronization in case they have not been included at the beginning.

After you have selected objects for synchronization and pressed the Synchronization button, the Schema Synchronization Wizard appears.

Regularly, it has three tabs: Output, Options, and Summary.

However, in case the objects you have chosen for synchronization are dependent on some other objects in the database which have not been selected, the tab Dependencies appears in the wizard.

Dependencies tab

It alerts a user about the objects that reference or are referenced by objects they did not select, and these dependencies affect the synchronization.

The Dependencies tab lists affected objects and provides the details of their dependencies.

By default, the affected objects are selected for synchronization. If you don’t want to include the dependent object into synchronization, click to unselect a checkbox next to it.