Schema Compare 4.3 release notes

What’s new:

New comparison and synchronization options

A bunch of new options was added to make the comparison and synchronization process even more customizable.

Comparing and synchronizing memory-optimized table types

Memory-optimized table variables have a number of advantages over traditional table variables. The option of comparing and synchronizing data in memory-optimized tables has been implemented in dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server.

Command Line Interface for scripts folder

You can create and compare scripts folders with another data sources in Schema Compare for SQL Server using the command line interface.

Creating new database in Schema Comparison wizard

In the New Schema Comparison wizard, when choosing source and target databases you can also create a new database which can be then selected for comparison.

Comparison reports extended functionality

Now you have the ability to quickly generate comparison reports in XML and XML for Excel formats.

Comparing and synchronizing Security Policy objects

Compare, view, and analyze a new type of database objects - security policies.

Specific exit codes are added

Specific exit codes will indicate an error when a task you’re running in the command line interface fails and will make troubleshooting more straightforward.

Other improvements

  • Trial Product Activation implemented
  • Application visual style greatly improved
  • FIPS compliance
  • Azure Active Directory authentication