Schema Compare 4.0 release notes

What’s new:


  • Windows 10 support

Schema Comparison

  • Custom mapping for tables
  • Updated Synchronization wizard
  • Zooming font size in Text Comparer
  • Option for update metadata for the specified non-schema-bound view

SQL Editing and Execution

  • Command-line interface for SQL formatting
  • Query execution pane
  • Easy way to hide data results
  • Encoding switch in the /execute command-line operation
  • Updated Find&Replace feature for documents and files

Generate Script

  • SQL Azure support

Data Editor

  • Data Viewer, LOB Editor, and Redirect Data to Output are combined in a single control
  • Zooming font size in Data Viewer and Editor Window

User Interface

  • Support of multiple monitors
  • New skins
  • Create Schema Snapshot wizard window works in modeless mode