Schema Compare 3.0 release notes

What’s new:

SQL Server 2012 Support

  • Support for comparison and synchronization of new SQL Server objects:
  • User accounts synchronization is extended:
  • Ability to create a user account with password is added
  • DEFAULT_LANGUAGE setting is added
  • Ability to create a user account using Windows Principal is added
  • New properties for SPATIAL INDEX and FULL TEXT INDEX are supported
  • Synchronization of new database properties is added

SQL Azure Support

The new version of Schema Compare for SQL Server makes development and maintenance of databases on SQL Azure services easier and more convenient. Now you can establish a connection with a remote server and perform comparison and synchronization of data schema with your remote server as easily as with a local network server.

New Synchronization Features

  • Manual resolving of conflicts on creating NOT NULL restrictions functionality is added
  • ‘Add constraints and keys to tables using NOCHECK’ synchronization option is added
  • ‘Ignore user DEFAULT_SCHEMA’ option is added
  • Ability to synchronize assemblies through files on disks is added
  • Checking if the USE command was executed correctly is added to synchronization script
  • Ability to load synchronization script to SQL Server Management Studio is added
  • Information on database properties that can be synchronized shown in Action Plan is extended - now it contains a record on each parameter that can be changed
  • Synchronization of changes made to Service Broker for Queue (for SQL Server 2008 R2) is added

UI Improvements

  • Ability to search Action Plan is added
  • Search in comparison options and comparison document is improved - on entering values into the search field, search results are highlighted
  • Description field for options in the comparison and synchronization wizards is added
  • Product start page improved

Other Improvements

  • Ability to generate snapshots from the command line is added
  • Connection timeout property is added to the connection settings