Schema Compare 2.0 release notes

What’s new:

The topic describes new features and improvements

Support of native SQL Server backups

The users can use native SQL Server backups as a metadata source and compare them. It adds a new way to compare and update database structures without manual work.

Database comparison and synchronization via command line

This is especially useful for the users, who do repeated schema comparison and synchronization. It is enough to set a comparison once and the tool will prepare a file with required command line arguments - Source and Target connection strings, comparison options and settings. The users can schedule the launch time for the processes specified in the file and escape any waiting.

Tracking database changes using version control systems

This prevents several developers from changing database objects simultaneously. Now it is easy to revert to earlier revisions and quickly identify who and when changed the objects. Comparison takes less time as schema snapshots are compared. dbForge Schema Compare uses two most popular version control systems, SVN and TFS.

Generating comparison and synchronization reports

Now publishing differences between databases is automated and offered as clear and professionally looking reports.