Schema Compare 1.10 release notes

What’s new:

Faster comparison of database objects

The tests proved that dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.10 compares databases twice faster than the previous version did. This improvement is of great value especially for comparison of large databases. For example, Schema Compare for SQL Server 1.10 compared databases located on SQL Server 2008 and containing 958 tables, 60 views, 3736 stored procedures, and 469 functions in 1:24 min that is 1:56 min faster than comparison with the previous version.

Synchronization of object permissions

Now permissions granted on a specific object can be compared and synchronized along with the object itself.

RULE and DEFAULT support

SQL Server RULE and DEFAULT objects can be compared and synchronized now.

Improved table synchronization

Special processing in table synchronization wad added to prevent data loss in several cases.