Document Views

The topic describes how to work with documents in Schema Compare for MySQL.

Document Views

Documents have different views. Views are different aspects of an object (document’s content). You can switch between the views using the View menu or using the bottom part of the document area. Right-click it to display the switch buttons if they are not visible yet.

You can cycle through available views with the F7 key. This key switches you to the next view visible in the document’s bottom area. If you want to switch to an invisible view, you can do it with mouse by right-clicking in that area.

Switch Views

Appearance of this menu may slightly vary depending on the product you use.

Document Header Shortcut Menu

Document header shortcut menu appears when right-clicking on the document header. It consists of the following items.

Save <Name>.sql
Saves a current SQL document.

Closes a current document.

Close All But This Closes all documents excepting the selected one.

Copy Full Path
Copies the full path for the document.

Open Containing Folder
Opens the folder containing the document.

Detaches the window.

New Horizontal Tab Group
Creates new horizontal tab group.

New Vertical Tab Group
Creates new vertical tab group.