TScWebSocketClient is a component that implements functionality of the WebSocket client and allows connecting to a WebSocket server without using third-party libraries or components.

TScWebSocketClient supports both non-secure communication mode and secure mode using TLS/SSL protocol. To set up a TLS connection, use the SSLOptions property.

The Connect method makes a request using HTTP protocol to the resource specified in the RequestUri property and if the server supports a WebSocket protocol, establishes a connection.

To send data to the server, use the Send method.

You can retrieve data both in a synchronous mode, using the Receive method for reading, and in an asynchronous mode, handling the OnMessage event.

The TScWebSocketClient class throws a WebSocketException exception when an error occurs during the session.


Also, the component supports the HeartBeat mode to keep a websocket connection alive and the WatchDog mode to reconnect to the server automatically when there is an unexpected disconnection.


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