property SupportedKExNamedGroups: TScKExNamedGroupTypes;



Specifies a set of named groups which can be used for key exchange during the TLS/SSL handshake when starting a new session.


The default value = [


   kex_secp256r1, kex_secp256k1, kex_secp384r1, kex_secp521r1,

   kex_sect283r1, kex_sect283k1, kex_sect409r1, kex_sect409k1,

   kex_sect571r1, kex_sect571k1,

   kex_ffDHE2048, kex_ffDHE3072, kex_ffDHE4096,

   kex_ffDHE6144, kex_ffDHE8192



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