property EventsCallMode: TScEventCallMode; default ecAsynchronous;



The EventsCallMode property determines how the OnAsyncError and OnAsyncReceive event handlers will be called. The thing is that data coming from the server is processed in a separate thread of a SSH connection. And the call of the event handlers can occur in a different way to synchronize with a main thread of the application.

The default value is the ecAsynchronous mode, events are added to a queue and then asynchronously synchronized from this queue with the main thread. This allows not slowing down the thread in which the events occur and at the same time calling the event handlers in the main thread.

When setting the property to the ecSynchronous value, the event call will be immediately synchronized with the main thread.

When setting the property to the ecDirectly value, there is no synchronization with the main thread.

Default value is the ecAsynchronous mode.


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