TScAuthenticationPromptEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; const Name, Instruction: string; const Prompts: TStringDynArray; var Responses: TStringDynArray) of object;


property OnAuthenticationPrompt: TScAuthenticationPromptEvent;



The OnAuthenticationPrompt event occurs when performing keyboard-interactive authentication. This event may be called several times during authentication process to request corresponding user information.

The server sends a request concerning information that should be obtained from the user. The amount of requested information can be learned by defining the length of the Prompts array. Developer should provide an interface for the user to enter requested information. The received information should be written to the Responses array.



Sender - the object that raised the event;
Name - the query name;
Instruction - extra data for explanation;
Prompts - an array of strings, each one of which holds a request to user concerning necessary information. The length of the array can be 0;
Responses - an array of strings a user should fill in with the corresponding information.


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