property Dynamic: Boolean; default False;



The Dynamic property specifies whether to use dynamic port forwarding. This option lets you forward data from one machine to another through an encrypted SSH tunnel.

When Dynamic is not set, the component listens on the SourcePort of the local host and forwards the received data to the specified DestHost and DestPort.

When Dynamic is set to True, the component listens on the SourcePort of the local host; however, the destination address is obtained dynamically at runtime. TScSSHChannel determines where to forward connections based on the SOCKS protocol. The component creates a SOCKS server which acts as a proxy that can be used in other applications.

Thus, when the Dynamic property is set, the client should connect to the SourcePort as to the SOCKS proxy server and specify the destination address to forward the data to during negotiation.


Note: This property has effect only when the Direct and Remote properties are set to False.


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