TScSFTPSupportedAcl = (saAllow, saDeny, saAudit, saAlarm, saInheritAccess, saInheritAuditAlarm);

 TScSFTPSupportedAcls = set of TScSFTPSupportedAcl;


property SupportedAcls: TScSFTPSupportedAcls;



The SupportedAcls property holds a set of the supported capabilities of the ACL attribute.


saAllowThe server supports the atAccessAllowed ACE type;
saDenyThe server supports the atAccessDenied ACE type;
saAuditThe server supports the atSystemAudit ACE type;
saAlarmThe server supports the atSystemAlarm ACE type;
saInheritAccessThe server can control whether an ACL will inherit DENY and ALLOW ACEs that are marked as inheritable from it's parent object;
saInheritAuditAlarmThe server can control whether an ACL will inherit AUDIT or ALARM ACEs that are marked inheritable from it's parent object.
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