TScOnRequestFileSecurityAttributes = procedure(Sender: TObject; Attributes: TScSFTPFileAttributes; const Path: string; SecurityDescriptor: Pointer) of object;


property OnRequestFileSecurityAttributes: TScOnRequestFileSecurityAttributes;



The OnRequestFileSecurityAttributes event occurs on request from an SFTP client to read a directory.

This event occurs in the DefaultReadDirectory method to retrieve the security attributes for the file. The OnRequestFileSecurityAttributes event handler should write the file permissions attribute (TScSFTPFileAttributes.Permissions) and the file ACL and ACE attributes (TScSFTPFileAttributes.AclFlags, TScSFTPFileAttributes.ACEs) to the Attributes object.



Sender - the object whose event handler is called.
Attributes - an object to which the security attributes of the requested file should be written.
Path - specifies the file system object for which security attributes should be returned.
SecurityDescriptor - a pointer to a buffer that contains the security descriptor of the requested file. This descriptor is returned by the GetFileSecurity function of Windows OS.


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