procedure DefaultGetAbsolutePath(SFTPSessionInfo: TScSFTPSessionInfo; const Path: string; const Control: TScSFTPRealpathControl; ComposePath: TStringList; var AbsolutePath: string; out Error: TScSFTPError); virtual;



Call the DefaultGetAbsolutePath method to canonize the given path name to the absolute canonical one. DefaultGetAbsolutePath converts path names containing ".." components or relative path names without a leading slash into absolute paths.

To get an absolute path from a relative one, the SFTPSessionInfo.HomePath property value is added at the beginning of the relative path.



SFTPSessionInfo - contains the information about the current SFTP session.
Path - original path which should be resolved into an absolute canonical path.
Control - the parameters of identifying the absolute path.
ComposePath - specifies multiple elements, in which case the method will build the resulting path by applying each compose path to the accumulated result until all elements have been applied.
AbsolutePath - returns the resolved absolute path.
Error - returns the information about an error that can arise when resolving an absolute path.


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