TScSFTPRenameFlag = (rfOverwrite, rfAtomic, rfNative);

 TScSFTPRenameFlags = set of TScSFTPRenameFlag;



The TScSFTPRenameFlag enumeration indicates behaviour on a file renaming.


rfOverwriteif this flag is not included, and a file with the specified name already exists, the SSH_FX_FILE_ALREADY_EXISTS error will be returned.
rfAtomicif this flag is included, and the destination file already exists, it is replaced in an atomic fashion. I.e., there is no observable instance in time where the name does not refer either to the old or the new file. rfAtomic implies rfOverwrite.
rfNativeif this flag is included and there is not possible to replace the destination in an atomic fashion, then the SSH_FX_OP_UNSUPPORTED error will be returned.


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