TScSFTPFileType = (ftFile, ftDirectory, ftSymlink, ftSpecial, ftUnknown, ftSocket, ftCharDevice, ftBlockDevice, ftFifo);



The TScSFTPFileType enumeration represents different file types used by the SFTP protocol.


ftFilethe type of the file is File.
ftDirectorythe type of the file is Directory.
ftSymlinkthe type of the file is symbolic link.
ftSpecialthis value is used for files that are of a known type which cannot be expressed in the protocol.
ftUnknownthis value is used if the type is unknown.
ftSocketthe type of the file is Socket.
ftCharDevicethe type of the file is Char device.
ftBlockDevicethe type of the file is Block device.
ftFifothe type of the file is Fifo.


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