TScSFTPFileOpenModeItem = (foRead, foWrite, foAppend, foCreate, foTrunc, foExcl, foText);

 TScSFTPFileOpenModes = set of TScSFTPFileOpenModeItem;



The TScSFTPFileOpenModeItem enumeration represents flags for the file opening.


foReadopen the file for reading.
foWriteopen the file for writing. If foRead is also specified, the file is opened for reading and writing.
foAppendforce all writes to append data to the end of the file.
foCreatea new file will be created if one does not already exist (if foTrunc is specified, the new file will be truncated to zero length if it existed).
foTruncforces an existing file with the same name to be truncated to zero length when creating a file by specifying foCreate. Causes the request to fail if the named file already exists. foCreate should also be specified if this flag is used.
foTextindicates that the server should treat the file as text and convert it to the canonical newline convention in use (refer to TScSFTPServerProperties.Newline). When a file is opened with the FXF_TEXT flag, the offset field in both read and write functions is ignored.


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