TScSFTPDirectoryListEvent = procedure(Sender: TObject; const Path: string; const Handle: TScSFTPFileHandle; FileInfo: TScSFTPFileInfo; EOF: Boolean) of object;


property OnDirectoryList: TScSFTPDirectoryListEvent;



The OnDirectoryList event occurs when receiving directory listing during the ReadDirectory method call. The OnDirectoryList event is generated for every name of a file or directory that was received.



Sender - the object that raised the event.
Path - the path from which the directory listing is retrieved.
Handle - a handle of this directory, that was sent to the ReadDirectory method.
FileInfo - the object that holds information on the file. Can be of the nil value if EOF is True.
EOF - determines if there are more files or directories in the specified directory. If EOF value is True, this file is the last file in this directory and it does not contain any other files. Otherwise there are more files in the directory.


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