property Who: string;



The Who property holds a string of the form described in the Owner and Group properties. Also, there are several identifiers that need to be understood universally. Some of these identifiers cannot be understood when a client accesses the server, but have meaning when a local process accesses the file. The ability to display and modify these permissions is permitted over SFTP.


OWNERThe owner of the file.
GROUPThe group associated with the file.
EVERYONEThe world.
INTERACTIVEAccessed from an interactive terminal.
NETWORKAccessed via the network.
DIALUPAccessed as a dialup user to the server.
BATCHAccessed from a batch job.
ANONYMOUSAccessed without any authentication.
AUTHENTICATEDAny authenticated user (opposite of ANONYMOUS).
SERVICEAccess from a system service.
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