TScKeyUsageFlag = (kfDigitalSignature, kfNonRepudiation, kfKeyEncipherment, kfDataEncipherment, kfKeyAgreement, kfKeyCertSign, kfCRLSign, kfEncipherOnly, kfDecipherOnly);

 TScKeyUsageFlags = set of TScKeyUsageFlag;



The TScKeyUsageFlags enumeration indicates how the certificate key can be used.


kfDigitalSignatureThe key can be used as a digital signature.
kfNonRepudiationThe key can be used for authentication.
kfKeyEnciphermentThe key can be used for key encryption.
kfDataEnciphermentThe key can be used for data encryption.
kfKeyAgreementThe key can be used to determine key agreement, such as a key created using the Diffie-Hellman key agreement algorithm.
kfKeyCertSignThe key can be used to sign certificates.
kfCrlSignThe key can be used to sign a Certificate Revocation List (CRL).
kfEncipherOnlyThe key can be used for encryption only.
kfDecipherOnlyThe key can be used for decryption only.


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