The TScKey class is used for working with asymmetric keys of RSA, DSA, or ECC types. The algorithm of the key is determined by the Algorithm property.

In asymmetric encryption two key are used. The first key is used for data decryption and signing (private key), the second key is used for data encrypting (public key).

TScKey lets you working both with private and public keys. The private key contains both parts - private part and public part. You can use the IsPrivate property to determine whether the key is private or public.

The key length is determined by the BitCount property. The more key length, the higher its resistance to breaking.


The TScKey class lets you generating new keys by using the Generate method. To store keys, different formats are used. To load or save a key in one of formats, you should use the ImportFrom or ExportTo methods correspondingly. To store a set of keys in storage, the KeyList property is used.


The TScKey lets you to sign data with the private key and verify signature with the public key by using the Sign and VerifySign methods. The data signing is used for checking data integrity.


Also TScKey can encrypt and decrypt data with Encrypt and Decrypt methods.


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