property AccessLocation: TScGeneralName;



The AccessLocation property contains the location of additional information provided by the issuer of the certificate in which the extension appears.


The following paragraph is taken from RFC 5280, section

"This profile defines two accessMethod OIDs: id-ad-caIssuers and id-ad-ocsp. In a public key certificate, the id-ad-caIssuers OID is used when the additional information lists certificates that were issued to the CA that issued the certificate containing this extension. The referenced CA issuers description is intended to aid certificate users in the selection of a certification path that terminates at a point trusted by the certificate user.

When id-ad-caIssuers appears as accessMethod, the accessLocation field describes the referenced description server and the access protocol to obtain the referenced description.  The accessLocation field is defined as a GeneralName, which can take several forms."


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