TScHttpTransportType = (ttWebSockets, ttLongPolling);

 TScHttpTransportTypes = set of TScHttpTransportType;



The TScHttpTransportType enumeration specifies transports that the SignalR client can use to send HTTP requests.

A transport must be duplex to send messages from the server to the client and from the client to the server. Also the transport must be able to transmit arbitrary binary data, regardless of content, and to transmit arbitrary text data, preserving the content. The only transport that fully implements the duplex requirements is WebSocket, the others are "half-transports" that implement one end of the duplex connection. They are used in combination to achieve a duplex connection.


ttWebSocketsSpecifies that the web sockets transport is used. The WebSocket transport is unique in that it is full duplex, and a persistent connection can be established in a single operation.
ttLongPollingSpecifies that the long polling transport is used. Long Polling is a server-to-client half-transport, so it is always paired with the HTTP Post.


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