procedure ListDirDetails(List: TStrings = nil; const Path: string = '');



Call the ListDirDetails method to retrieve a detail list of files or directories in the directory on the FTP server.

Path is used as an argument when sending the FTP 'LIST' command. If Path is an empty string, the current directory is used.

If List is not nil, the resulting list will be assigned to this object in a text format.

ListDirDetails fills the DirectoryListing list of objects that contain detail information about files and directories returned by this request.


Getting a list of files can occur in an active and a passive modes (see UsePassive).

The EncryptDataChannel property determines whether the connection will be protected using a TLS/SSL protocol.

The UseCompression property determines whether data compression will be used when transferring data.

The response code received during execution of this command request is contains in the ReplyCode property.


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