The TScCertIssuerAlternativeNameExtension class represents the issuer alternative names extensions, that are used to associate Internet style identities with the certificate issuer. TScCertIssuerAlternativeNameExtension contains a list of the TScGeneralName objects.


The following paragraph is taken from RFC 5280, section

"The subject alternative name extension allows identities to be bound to the subject of the certificate. These identities may be included in addition to or in place of the identity in the subject field of the certificate. Defined options include an Internet electronic mail address, a DNS name, an IP address, and a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Other options exist, including completely local definitions.

Multiple name forms, and multiple instances of each name form, MAY be included. Whenever such identities are to be bound into a certificate, the subject alternative name (or issuer alternative name) extension MUST be used; however, a DNS name MAY also be represented in the subject field using the domainComponent attribute."


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