The TScCertCRLDistributionPointsExtension class represents the distribution points extension that contains a list of the TScCRLDistributionPoint objects, that identifie how CRL information is obtained.


The following paragraph is taken from RFC 5280, section

"The CRL distribution points extension identifies how CRL information is obtained. The cRLDistributionPoints extension is a sequence of DistributionPoint. A DistributionPoint consists of three fields, each of which is optional: DistributionPoint, Reasons, and CRLIssuer. While each of these fields is optional, a DistributionPoint MUST NOT consist of only the reasons field; either distributionPoint or cRLIssuer MUST be present. If the certificate issuer is not the CRL issuer, then the cRLIssuer field MUST be present and contain the Name of the CRL issuer. If the certificate issuer is also the CRL issuer, then conforming CAs MUST omit the cRLIssuer field and MUST include the distributionPoint field."


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