TScASN1DataType = (dtAny, dtImplicitArray, dtChoice,

   dtBoolean, dtInteger, dtBit, dtOctetString, dtNull, dtObjectIdentifier,

   dtUTF8String, dtPrintableString, dtTeletexString, dtIA5String, dtUniversalString, dtBMPString,

   dtUTCTime, dtGeneralizedTime, dtSequence, dtSet);



Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) is a standard that defines a formalism for the specification of abstract data types. The set of ASN.1 rules for representing such objects as strings of ones and zeros is called the Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER), and is defined in CCITT Recommendation X.509, Section 8.7.

The TScASN1DataType enumeration represents basic data types.


dtAnyArbitrary data type.
dtImplicitArrayArray data type.
dtChoiceChoice data type.
dtBooleanBoolean data type.
dtIntegerInteger data type.
dtBitBit string data type.
dtOctetStringOctet string data type.
dtNullNull value data type.
dtObjectIdentifierObject identifier data type.
dtUTF8StringUTF8 string data type.
dtPrintableStringPrintable string data type.
dtTeletexStringTeletex string data type.
dtIA5StringIA5 string data type.
dtUniversalStringUniversal string data type.
dtBMPStringBMP string data type.
dtUTCTimeUTC time data type.
dtGeneralizedTimeGeneralized time data type.
dtSequenceSequence data type.
dtSetSet data type.


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