TCRSocksVersion = (svNoSocks, svSocks4, svSocks5);



The TCRSocksVersion enumeration represents the SOCKS protocol versions. The SOCKS protocol is intended to exchange network packages between the client and server by routing traffic to the actual server through a firewall.

A connection to the proxy server can be established through HTTP or SOCKS. Unlike the HTTP protocol, SOCKS does not add any additional information to the packet payload transmitted to the server. From the server's standpoint, the data that comes from a SOCKS proxy is the same as the data that would have been received from a client directly. SOCKS does not depend on specific application level protocols as it operates on the TCP level.


svNoSocksDisables SOCKS. HTTP will be used to connect to the proxy server.
svSocks4SOCKS version 4.
svSocks5SOCKS version 5.


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