This page lists several ways you can find help with using SecureBridge and describes the SecureBridge Priority Support program.


Support Options

There are a number of resources for finding help on installing and using SecureBridge.

You can find out more about SecureBridge installation or licensing by consulting the Licensing section.
You can get community assistance and technical support on the SecureBridge Community Forum.
You can get advanced technical assistance by SecureBridge developers through the SecureBridge Priority Support program.

If you have a question about ordering SecureBridge or any other Devart product, please contact [email protected].


SecureBridge Priority Support

SecureBridge Priority Support is an advanced product support service for getting expedited individual assistance with SecureBridge-related questions from the SecureBridge developers themselves. Priority Support is carried out over email and has a two business day response policy. Priority Support is available for users with an active SecureBridge Subscription.

To get help through the SecureBridge Priority Support program, please send an email to [email protected] describing the problem you are having. Make sure to  include the following information in your message:

The version of Delphi or C++Builder you are using.
Your SecureBridge Registration number.
Full SecureBridge edition name and version number.
A detailed problem description.
If possible, a small test project that reproduces the problem. Please include definitions for all objects of other schemas and avoid using third-party components.


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