What’s New in What’s New in dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server v3.8

SQL Server 2014 is supported


Take Offline and Bring Online database states are added

Database Explorer

Each database state has its corresponding icon now

Code Completion

  • New CREATE COLUMNSTORE INDEX statement syntax is supported
  • New keywords in the CREATE TABLE statement are supported
  • New keywords in the CREATE INDEX statement are supported
  • New keywords in the CREATE PROCEDURE statement are supported

    SQL Profiler

  • Query plans can be saved visually
  • Results comparison is executed when the required elements are selected
  • Various queries plans can be shown vertically in one view when comparing
  • Buffer and plans cache refresh options are added
  • Zoom menu in the Profiler diagram is available

    User Interface

  • Switching tabs by the CTRL+ALT+PAGE UP and CTRL+ALT+PAGE DOWN keys combination
  • SSMS shortcut schema availability

    Other Features and Improvements

  • Coloring a database connection according to the document category is possible now
  • Database connection properties are expanded
  • SET connection options in query execution are added
  • Possibility to switch from the wizard page to the main application window is added
  • SQL document zooming by holding the CTRL key and rotating the mouse wheel is added
  • Restoring documents from the last session is possible now