What’s New in dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server, v2.00

Customizable data export

Now, you can export data from one or even multiple tables at once to the following formats: CSV, DBF, HTML, MS Access, MS Excel, ODBC, PDF, RTF, Text, and XML. Before exporting you can customize export style attributes, such as text, background and border color, font, set output format of exported columns and preview the result.

You won’t waste your time changing the exported data, the result will be just what you wanted.

Enhanced Data Editor

  • Sorting and grouping tables now works on a sever side
  • Ability to edit tables in JOIN statements is added
  • Ability to view tables united with a foreign key in a popup window is added
  • Many other minor improvements and extensions to existing functionality were made

    User Reported Bug Fixes

  • Behavior of the popup expression editor when working with functions was enhanced
  • Rows in the popup expression editor are automatically quoted now
  • NullReferenceException on editing a subquery in Query Builder was fixed