Including Columns in Query

To use a column in a query, you must add it to the query. You may add a column to display it in query output, to use it for sorting, to search the contents of the column, or to summarize its contents.

To add an individual column

  • In the Diagram pane, select the check box next to the column that you want to include.


  • In the Tabbed Editor, move to the first blank grid row, click the field in the Column column, and select a table and a column name from the drop-down list.

To add all columns for one table or table-valued object

  • In the Diagram Pane, select the check box next to *(All Columns).

To add all columns for all tables and table-structured objects:

  1. In the Design Pane, select all tables.
  2. Make sure no join lines in the Design Pane are selected.
  3. Right-click any table and select Select all columns from the shortcut menu.