What’s New in dbForge Query Builder for MySQL v3.0

Query builder with support of DML statements and usability improvements

  • Visual building of INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements is supported
  • Conversion of SELECT queries into INSERT statements is supported
  • One-click conversion of SELECT query into UPDATE or DELETE with saving of WHERE condition is supported
  • Execution of separate subqueries to check their correctness without leaving diagram interface
  • Usability of visual expression editor is improved

  • Query type is indicated on the diagram surface

    Data export to SQL statements

  • Data export to INSERT, UPDATE, and MERGE statements is supported
  • Ability to export query results as well as data directly from a table is supported
  • Quick generation of INSERT statements from data grid without opening wizard is supported

    Improved code completion

  • Context-specific suggestions is improved
  • Quick object information is improved
  • Highlighting occurrences of an identifier in SQL document is added

  • Performance of describing objects’ metadata is improved

    New window docking system

  • Switching between tool windows on Ctrl+Tab is supported

    Minor features

  • If there is more than one SELECT statement in a document, query results are now displayed on separate tabs in the Data window after execution
  • Support of MySQL pluggable authentication on creating a connection to MySQL server is added
  • Support of Windows authentication on creating a connection to MySQL server
  • F5 shortcut now works for execution of a selected SQL fragment as well as for the entire script

  • New skins added (Metropolis, Windows 7 and VS2010)