What’s New in dbForge Query Builder for MySQL v2.0

Improved Query Builder tool

Meet a stronger dbForge Query Builder tailored for creating complex conditions with several clicks. The new power is based on the following:

  • Optimized performance of the Selection tab in the expression editor
  • New Wrap to Subquery option to wrap tables into a subquery
  • Visual addition of subqueries to any part of the main query
  • Optimized navigation in the editor, particularly between subqueries
  • Capability to edit view location in the query document
  • Joins show connection direction; better described connection properties
  • New skin for objects on the diagram
  • New SQL document view layout - now you can see query text and retrieved data at the same time
  • Multiple bug fixes

New tool for database developers - Query Profiler

dbForge Query Builder offers results of internal MySQL tools like SHOW PROFILE and EXPLAIN in a convenient and clear GUI. Besides you get STATUS variables for the required query automatically calculated.