TPgDumpObject Enumeration

Specifies the types of objects that are backuped by PgDump.




TPgDumpObject = (doDatabase, doDomains, doIndexes, doLanguages, doSchemas, doSequences, doStoredProcs, doTables, doTriggers, doTypes, doViews);


Value Meaning
doDatabase If set, CREATE DATABASE statement is added to the dump.
doDomains Backup of domains is performed.
doIndexes Backup of indexes is performed.
doLanguages Backup of languages is performed.
doSchemas Backup of schemas is performed.
doSequences Backup of sequences is performed.
doStoredProcs Backup of stored procedures is performed.
doTables Backup of tables is performed.
doTriggers Backup of triggers is performed.
doTypes Backup of types is performed.
doViews Backup of views is performed.

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