TPgConnectionOptions Members

TPgConnectionOptions class overview.


Name Description

AllowImplicitConnect (inherited from TDAConnectionOptions)

Specifies whether to allow or not implicit connection opening.


Defines the application name for connecting to the server. This name will be displayed in the pg_stat_activity view and included in CSV log entries. Only printable ASCII characters may be used in the ApplicationName value. Other characters will be replaced with question marks (?).


Used to set the character set that PgDAC uses to read and write character data.

DefaultSortType (inherited from TDAConnectionOptions)

Used to determine the default type of local sorting for string fields. It is used when a sort type is not specified explicitly after the field name in the TMemDataSet.IndexFieldNames property of a dataset.

DisconnectedMode (inherited from TDAConnectionOptions)

Used to open a connection only when needed for performing a server call and closes after performing the operation.


Used to enable currency type. Default value of this option is False.


Used to detect fields of composite (ROW) type and create separate fields for each attribute of composite type.


Used to map fields of domain types to TField with the base domain type.


Used to enable using FMTBCD instead of float for large integer numbers to keep precision.


Used to map fields of geometric types to TPgGeometricField.


Used to map DATE, TIME, and TIMESTAMP fields to TPgDateField, TPgTimeField, and TPgTimeStampField accordingly.


Sets the behavior of receiving notices from PostgreSQL.


Used to specify Internet Protocol version.

KeepDesignConnected (inherited from TDAConnectionOptions)

Used to prevent an application from establishing a connection at the time of startup.

LocalFailover (inherited from TDAConnectionOptions)

If True, the TCustomDAConnection.OnConnectionLost event occurs and a failover operation can be performed after connection breaks.


Used to set a character set for PostgreSQL error messages.


Used to enable or disable the creation of an additional internal connection for TPgQuery, when necessary.


Used to specify a value indicating whether the UTF8 charset will be used.
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