TPgConnection Members

TPgConnection class overview.


Name Description

ConnectDialog (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Allows to link a TCustomConnectDialog component.


Used to set the time to wait while trying to establish a connection before terminating the attempt and generating an error.

ConnectString (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Used to specify the connection information, such as: UserName, Password, Server, etc.

ConvertEOL (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Allows customizing line breaks in string fields and parameters.


Used to specify the name of the database to be used once a connection is open.

InTransaction (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Indicates whether the transaction is active.

LoginPrompt (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Specifies whether a login dialog appears immediately before opening a new connection.


Specifies the behaviour of the TPgConnectionOptions object.


Used to specify a password for a connection.

Pooling (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Enables or disables using connection pool.

PoolingOptions (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Specifies the behaviour of connection pool.


Used to specify the port for connection.


Returns the process ID (PID) of the backend server process handling this connection.


Used to set the version of protocol for communication with PostgreSQL server.


Used to change the search path of the connection to the specified schema, or get the first value from the search path.


Contains the server name.


Holds the PostgreSQL server version number.


Holds full PostgreSQL server version including version number and some additional information.


Used to set the properties required for protected SSL connection with the server.


Contains username.


Name Description

ApplyUpdates (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Overloaded. Applies changes in datasets.


Used to cancel a query that is currently being executed on the connection.

Commit (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Commits current transaction.

Connect (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Establishes a connection to the server.


Returns a new instance of TPgQuery class and associates it with the connection object.


Returns a new instance of the TPgMetaData class.


Returns a new instance of TPgSQL class and associates it with the connection object.


Returns a new instance of the TPgTransaction class.

Disconnect (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Performs disconnect.

ExecProc (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Allows to execute stored procedure or function providing its name and parameters.

ExecProcEx (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Allows to execute a stored procedure or function.

ExecSQL (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Executes a SQL statement with parameters.

ExecSQLEx (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Executes any SQL statement outside the TQuery or TSQL components.

GetDatabaseNames (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Returns a database list from the server.

GetKeyFieldNames (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Provides a list of available key field names.


Overloaded. Used to get a TPgRowType object for composite type.

GetStoredProcNames (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Returns a list of stored procedures from the server.

GetTableNames (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Provides a list of available tables names.

MonitorMessage (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Sends a specified message through the TCustomDASQLMonitor component.

Ping (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Used to check state of connection to the server.


Releases the specified savepoint without affecting any work that has been performed after its creation.

RemoveFromPool (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Marks the connection that should not be returned to the pool after disconnect.

Rollback (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

Discards all current data changes and ends transaction.


Cancels all updates for the current transaction.


Defines a point in the transaction to which you can roll back later.


Overloaded. Starts a new user transaction against the database server.


Name Description

OnConnectionLost (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

This event occurs when connection was lost.

OnError (inherited from TCustomDAConnection)

This event occurs when an error has arisen in the connection.


Occurs when a message or notice is received from PostgreSQL server.


Occurs when an asynchronous notification is received from PostgreSQL server.
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