TCustomPgDataSet.Options Property

Used to specify the behaviour of TCustomPgDataSet object.




property Options: TPgDataSetOptions;


Set the properties of Options to specify the behaviour of a TCustomPgDataSet object.

Descriptions of all options are in the table below.

Option Name Description
AutoDeleteBlob Used to delete large objects from the database automatically when a record is deleted from the dataset.
CacheBlobs Used to allocate local memory buffer to hold a copy of the large object content.
CursorWithHold Used to open query in the FetchAll=False mode without transaction.
DeferredBlobRead Used to fetch values of large objects when they are explicitly requested.
DistinctParams Used for correct TClientDataSet parameters handling.
EnableBCD Used to enable currency type. Default value of this option is False.
EnableFMTBCD Used to enable using FMTBCD instead of float for large integer numbers to keep precision.
ExtendedFieldsInfo Used to perform an additional query to get information about the returned fields and the tables they belong to.
FullRefresh Used to specify the fields to include in the automatically generated SQL statement when calling the method.
OIDAsInt Used to read OID fields as integer values and map these fields to TIntegerField.
PrefetchRows Used to set the number of rows to be prefetched during the execution of a query.
PrepareUpdateSQL Used to automatically prepare update queries before execution.
SetEmptyStrToNull Force replace of empty strings with NULL values in data. The default value is False.
UnknownAsString Used to map fields of unknown data types to TStringField (TWideStringField).
UnpreparedExecute Used to apply simple executing to a SQL statement.
UseParamTypes Used to disable automatic detection of the parameters data types.
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