TCustomDAConnection.ConnectString Property

Used to specify the connection information, such as: UserName, Password, Server, etc.




property ConnectString: string stored False;


PgDAC recognizes an ODBC-like syntax in provider string property values. Within the string, elements are delimited by using a semicolon. Each element consists of a keyword, an equal sign character, and the value passed on initialization. For example:

Server=London1;User ID=nancyd

Connection parameters

The following connection parameters can be used to customize connection:
Parameter Name Description
LoginPrompt Specifies whether a login dialog appears immediately before opening a new connection.
Pooling Enables or disables using connection pool.
ConnectionLifeTime Used to specify the maximum time during which an opened connection can be used by connection pool.
MaxPoolSize Used to specify the maximum number of connections that can be opened in connection pool.
MinPoolSize Used to specify the minimum number of connections that can be opened in connection pool.
Validate Connection Used for a connection to be validated when it is returned from the pool.
Server Serves to supply the server name for login.
Username Used to supply a user name for login.
Password Used to supply a user name for login.
Database Used to set the name of the database to associate with TPgConnection component.
Charset Used to set the character set that PgDAC uses to read and write character data.
UseUnicode Used to enable or disable Unicode support.
Port Used to specify the port number for the connection.
ConnectionTimeout Used to specify the amount of time before an attempt to make a connection is considered unsuccessful.
ProtocolVersion Used to set the version of protocol for communication with PostgreSQL server.
Schema Used to change the search path of the connection to the specified schema, or get the first value from the search path.
IPVersion Used to specify the version of the Internet Protocol.
P:Devart.Pgdac.TPgConnectionSSLOptions.CACert Holds the pathname to the certificate authority file.
P:Devart.Pgdac.TPgConnectionSSLOptions.Cert Holds the pathname to the certificate file.
P:Devart.Pgdac.TPgConnectionSSLOptions.CipherList Holds the list of allowed ciphers to use for SSL encryption.
P:Devart.Pgdac.TPgConnectionSSLOptions.Key Holds the pathname to the key file.
Mode Used to determine whether or with what priority an SSL connection will be negotiated with the server.

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