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OTW Enryption - ODBC Driver for InterBase

Encrypting Network Using Over-the-Wire (OTW)

The driver supports the Over-the-Wire (OTW) encryption feature of InterBase to encrypt data during the transmission process. InterBase OTW encryption uses SSL v3 and TLS v1 security protocols and supports AES and DES encryptions. Before setting up OTW encryption on the server and client side, you must obtain the necessary security certificates from a certificate authority (CA). Both the client and server must have the X.509 files in the PEM format installed to use OTW encryption. After configuring the OTW parameters on the server, set up the client side in the ODBC driver.

InterBase OTW Encryption in the ODBC driver

OTW Options




Enables SSL connections.

SSL ServerPublicFile

The name and location of the CA certificate file in the PEM format.

SSL ServerPublicPath

The location of the directory with the CA certificate files in the PEM format. Each file in the directory must contain only a single CA certificate and the files must be named by the hash of the subject name and extension of ".0". It is recommended that you use SSLServerPublicFile instead. If you specify both, SSLServerPublicFile will be used.

SSL ClientCertFile

The name and location of the client certificate file. The file must be in the PEM format and contain both the client certificate and the private key.

SSL ClientPassPhrase

The private key passphrase. You can use either this option or the SSLClientPassPhraseFile option.

SSL ClientPassPhraseFile

The name and location of the text file containing the client private key passphrase. You can use either this option or the SSLClientPassPhrase option.

Sample OTW Connection String

DRIVER={Devart ODBC Driver for InterBase};Data Source=; Database=D:\testdb.gdb; User ID=sysdba;Password=masterkey;Client Library=D:\ibclient64.dll;Use SSL=True;SSL ServerPublicFile=D:\cacert.pem;SSL ClientCertFile=D:\clientcert.pem;SSL ClientPassPhrase=myPassphrase

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