TOraLoader Component

There are ceses when you need to put large amount of data to Oracle database. Of course, you may construct INSERT SQL statement and execute it with TOraSQL component. But it takes a lot of time. You can greatly speed up loading time of data by using DML array features. Oracle 8i has better way to do it. With Oracle 8i using the direct path load interface is possible. The direct path load interface allows to access the direct path load engine of the Oracle database server to perform the functions of the Oracle SQL*Loader utility. This functionality provides the ability to load data from external files into Oracle database objects, either a table or a partition of a partitioned table.

ODAC simplifies using direct path load interface by TOraLoader component. TOraLoader allows you to load various formatted data. The capability of TOraLoader component to load various formatted data is reached by reading external data in writing method itself.

To write your own loader you should:

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