TOraTrace Class

A component allowing starting and stopping a SQL trace for a specified session. This component provides access to the DBMS_TRACE package.

For a list of all members of this type, see TOraTrace members.




TOraTrace = class(TComponent);


Use the TOraTrace component to start and stop a SQL trace for a session. The component also provides access to functionality of DBMS_TRACE package to control the PL/SQL trace.

SQL trace can be useful in performance diagnostics. It can help to determine in detail how applications/users access the database.

The TOraTrace component automatically starts the trace when its TOraSession component connects to a database or when you assign already connected session to the TOraTrace.Session property. The SQL trace is started if TOraTrace.SqlTraceMode <> []. The PL/SQL trace is started if TOraTrace.PlSqlTraceMode <> [].

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